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Own Varieties



The variety was recognized in 2013.

Plants are 70-79 cm high, well-branched and upright. The color of the leaves is green, the length of the middle leaflet is 2,6 cm, and the width - 1,0 cm. The inflorescence is light to dark purple.

Люцерна сорт ПРИСТА 5

The results of the competitive examination has shown that Prista 5 variety exceeded by 7% the standards Prista 2 and Pleven 6 concerning dry matter yield. In years with normal precipitation, it makes 4-5 cuts.
Prista 5 variety is moderately resistant to powdery mildew - Erysiphe communis f. medicaginis and very resistant to root and stem rot - Phytophtora sp., and black leaf spots - Pseudopeziza medicaginis.


The variety was recognized in 2010.


“Roli” is a synthetic variety and refers to the group of the conventional trifoliolate alfalfa varieties.
High plants are 78 cm high, well branched and erected. The leave color is green, the length of the middle leaflet is 2,8 cm, and the width – 1,0 cm. The raceme is light to dark purple. The results of the competitive testing showed that “Roli” exceeded the standard “Prista 2” by 9,8% concerning dry matter yield and by 11,3% - seed yield. The number of cuttings was 4-5 during the years with normal precipitation. The variety exceeded the standard by 0,65 percentage units, concerning the content of crude protein.


The variety was recognized in 1994.

Variety PRISTA 3
Variety PRISTA 3

The stem is nearly erected, with height of 70 - 90 cm, with 6-9 internodes. The raceme is semi-compact, slightly elongated with dark blue to light purple petals. The variety is root rot resistant. It manifests very fast regrowth after cutting, and in favorable years 5-6 cuttings are obtained.

It exceeds Nadezhda 2 by 18,70% regarding dry matter yield, and by 15,4% in seeds yield.


The variety was recognized in 1994.

Variety PRISTA 4
Variety PRISTA 4

The plants are with erected habit, strongly leavness, with height of 75-95 cm, with 6-8 internodes. The raceme is loose, elongated, the petals with purple nuance.

It has fast spring and following cutting regrowth. It is with higher resistance to root rot than Nadezhda 2.It exceeds the standard in crude protein content and contains less cellulose. The yield of dry matter and seeds is 13,7% and 19,2% respectively. It is higher than those of the standard Nadezhda 2.

Люцерна сорт МНОГОЛИСТНА 1


Mnogosistna 1 variety is a representative of the latest generation of multifoliolate alfalfa. More than 50 % of the leaves of the plants have from 5 to 7 leaflets per leaf. The content of crude protein is 1,5% higher than the trifoliolate varieties. The plants are strongly branched, dark green, with purple racemes prevailing.

The plants are resistant to leaf diseases and root rot. For the period of four years in total 6-8 t dry vegetative mass or 80-100 kg /da seeds without irrigation can be produced.

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