TANGRA – table seedless cultivar


Tangra cultivar was created at the Experimental field of IASS “Obraztsov Chiflik” – Rousse, via inbreeding of hybrid form 3-32 (Bolgar X Alphonse Lavalle) in 1987 by Ivan Todorov.

Morphological, agrobiological and technological investigation of the vegetative pedigree of the selected elite seedling 8-92 (3-32 I1) was made together with Galina Dyakova.

Tangra cultivar is late-ripening (it ripens about 5-th October), a typical table seedless variety. The cluster is large, uniform, average weight being about 400 g. The berry is coarse (5.5 g), red-black, with crispy consistence, the taste – neutral harmonious. The seeds are rudiment and they have no unpleasant taste in consumption of grapes. Dry weight of rudiments in 100 berries is 0.30 g.

Yield of grapes per a hectare is about 18 t. Appropriate formations are half-standard Guyot and Lira, and Tendone in warmer regions. Recommended root stocks for the variety are SO4, Chasselas X Berlandieri 41B and Rupestris du Lo. The vines are cold resistant and grapes - with good transportability. The vines have potential ability for higher yield in Lira and Tendone formations, in higher agrotechnical background, including drip irrigation.     

In consumptive maturity grapes contain 18% sugars and 4.85 g/l titrum acids. Grapes are not friable and have good transportability.

Tangra cultivar is not susceptible to virgin berries and has higher cold resistance and middle resistance to cryptogamic diseases within Euro-Asian vine. It can be successfully grown in regions, favorable for table grape production, under provision of total temperature sum of the vegetation period more than 3900°C.

Grapes of Tangra cultivar are appropriate for fresh consumption and for production of compotes of high quality. Well kept in refrigerator and can be marketed in the winter.




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