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Own Varieties


DUNAVIYA variety

Dunaviya variety is white-skiped, awnless wheat with red grain (var. Lutescens) with awned beard. The spike is mid-large with high grain content. The grain is mid-large, vitreousness – 50%, mass of 1000 grains – 42 g, hectoliter mass – 80 kg/hl.

Dunaviya variety

The layering capacity is good. The vegetation period is mid-short, the stem is middle high (100 cm) and with good resistance to lodging. The cold resistance is high. The variety showed middle resistance to the diseases of economic importance and very good bread baking qualities.

Yield of grain obtained at the Experimental stations in 2011.


Average for North Bulgaria

Average for South Bulgaria




















VENKA 1 variety

Venka 1 variety is a white awned spike wheat variety with red grains. The spike is semi large, well grained. The grain is middle size with a good vitreousness – 70%, mass of 1000 grains - 41 g, hectoliter mass – 80 kg/hl.

New variety VENKA 1
New variety VENKA 1

The variety showed a very good layering capacity. Its vegetation period is averagely short, the stem is with good resistance to lodging and with middle height. The cold resistance is high. Very good bread baking qualities were observed. The average grain yield obtained at the stations of the Executive Agency for Variety Testing, Field Inspection and Seed Control (EAVTFISC) in North Bulgaria in 2007 was 552 kg/da. The exceeding according to the average standard Sadovo 1 + Vratsa was 110.9%. During the same year at the experimental stations in South Bulgaria the average yield obtained was 556 kg/da. The exceeding compared to the average standard was 120.8%. The average grain yield obtained at the stations of EAVTFISC in North Bulgaria in 2008 was 874 kg/da, and in South Bulgaria – 994 kg/da. The exceeding was 115.6 and 121.8%, respectively.

Author’s team: r.a.Idegree Vesselin Dochev – IASS “Obraztsov chiflik” – Rousse, s.r.a. I degree PhD Ivan Todorov, s.r.a.II degree PhD Ivanka Stoeva, s.r.a.II degree PhD Iliya Iliev, s.r.a.II degree PdH Tatyana Petrova, r.a. Vanya Ivanova – DAI – General Toshevo.

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