In pursuance of the order № 2 MS / 07.09.2014, and in conjunction with Art. 10 and Art. 16 of the License Agreement between IASS “Obraztsov chiflik” - Rousse and CTO EKİN TARIM ÜRÜNLERİ TİC. LTD. ŞTİ - Republic of Turkey, Chief assist. E. Zhekova - Head of the agreement and Assoc. Prof. PhD V. Dotchev - breeder of "Venka 1" variety, the subject of the agreement, visited the Republic of Turkey in the period 12.07. - 07.13.2014, in order to provide control at harvest.
The sowing of "Venka 1" variety was performed in the optimal for the region technological period within an area of 500 da with sowing rate of 22 kg/da. One of the blocks (20 da) was located on the main road Babaeski - Lyuleburgas and was used for advertising purposes – an advertising board was placed with the name and qualitative indicators of the variety and contact details of the company.
The variety wintered successfully without frost killing and frost-lifting of plants because of the mild winter. The layering capacity was high (7-8) with ears well-formed. Weed infestation was not observed. The necessary agrotechnical events for the control of diseases (Puccinia and Septoria) were carried out. Regarding pests, a higher density of little white snails was reported. Due to the slightly increased fertilization rates and excessive precipitation (more than 500 l/da in the spring and early summer), all the wheat stands were lodged about 80%.

Yield varied depending on the location of the blocks – from 560 to 600 kg/da.

During harvesting, on the block located on the main road Babaeski - Lyuleburgas, a meeting was held with farmers from the region in order to advertise the variety. There was a discussion in a free format and promotional materials about the company and variety were distributed.

35 farmers took place. The preservation of the color of the grain after lodging and the high vitreousness were identified as positive traits of the variety.

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