Institute of Agriculture and Seed Science “Obraztsov Chiflik” Rousse welcomed scientists from Romania

In the period 18.04. – 23.04.2023 “Obraztsov chiflik” Rousse was visited by Prof. Stefana Jurcoane and Prof. Stelica Cristea from the University of Agronomy Sciences and Veterinary Medicine – Bucharest, Romania under the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Program.

This mobility strengthened the established close contacts between the academic staff of the two scientific institutions and is in response to previous mobility of ch. assistant Dr. Lyubomir Ivanov, ch. assistant Dr. Diana Marinova, ch. assistant Dr. Iliana Ivanova, assistant Gergana Ivanova-Kovacheva, ch. Assistant Professor Dr. Evgenia Zhekova, Assistant Professor Galin Ginchev and Assistant Professor Petar Nikolov at the Romanian University.

Prof. Jurcoane and Prof. Cristea got acquainted with the scientific research projects of the “Obraztsov Chiflik” HSE – Ruse, the laboratories and the experimental field. Talks were held and an agreement was reached for joint participation in the Interreg VI-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme.